I am an all encompassing accounting,  bookkeeping, consulting,
and tax preparation firm that will be opened year round for all your
tax needs or IRS problems.  I formed this company to provide a
quality tax service  to the individual and small business person
without them paying the high cost of expensive CPAs.  or getting
your tax returns completed by a national company that is only
opened  during the tax season.  Who do you call when you need
help the rest of the year.  Call me  and stay with me all year long
and I  will be there when you need help. After all, I have been doing
this for more than 20 years.

Call Us Today!

You have nothing to lose by calling me.  In fact, I will review your
income tax returns (individual or business) filed for the last 3 years
and advise free of charge if you over paid your income tax. If you
did, I will explain how I can file an amended return for you to claim
a refund on the overpaid taxes.
Janine's Tax and Bookkeeping Help
Our Mission
To assist our clients in
maintaining a proper set of
books and records in order to
pay the lowest correct income
tax while maximizing their
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